‘A choreographic provocateur’  (Luc Jennings, The Observer)Balkaen Game - Photo by Luc Boulianne

I am a performance-maker working between and across disciplines, primarily in dance, live art and contemporary theatre.  I work both as an independent artist and also with a company of artist-collaborators known as PanicLab. My work is produced by creative producer Clara Giraud .

I always have several projects on the go – I work best when I am over stimulated and challenged – and so the subject and focus of my work is often shifting.  At the moment my main performance interests are:

Hidden Histories and Contemporary Politics:
Driving a great deal of my work is my interest in storytelling, especially minor histories and counter narratives.  I draw inspiration from queer, feminist and subcultural archives to question issues around bodies, subjectivity and political agency.

Becoming an Action Hero:
Over the past couple years I have developed a fascination with fighting and ‘action’.   This interest developed out of a number of places: my exploration of physical languages beyond ‘dance,’ my love of comic books (primarily X-Men), and research around violence and agency.   I have pursued this interest in a number of projects and undergone intensive training in different fighting styles, including: pro wrestling, mixed martial arts and taekwondo.

David Zambrano’s Flying Low/Passing Through:
I was introduced to Zambrano’s technique by choreographer and close collaborator Leila McMillan, who studied it extensively with Zambrano and now teaches it around the UK.  I have co-organised workshops with Leila and Clara Giraud throughout the past year, developing a core group of dancers well versed in the technique. This has become a kind of shared language from which much of my choreographic and physical work is developed.


PanTuga - Photo by Luc BoulianneicLab was started by Clara Giraud and myself to produce and create the projects we are working on with a regular company of collaborators. It was created to make a distinction between my individual, impendent projects (such as Giselle, or I’m too Horny to be a Prince or Take it Like a Man with jamie lewis hadley) and the work that the group of collaborators is doing as a collective of artists.

The company produces contemporary performance (mainly theatre and dance) often using the personal as a starting point.  As a group, PanicLab is passionate about performance that is raw, honest, extraordinary and humble.  The work the company makes is political, personal, serious yet with a good dose of humour.  It is accessible to a wide audience, and unpretentious.  It is always devised and necessarily collaborative.

PanicLab collaborators, past and present, include: Zlata Camdzic, Tim CJ Chew, Sarah Cattrall, Natalie Clarke, Philipe de Faria, Rachel Good, Murray Healy, Felix Lane, Ziggy Jacobs,  Dinah Mullen, Phoenix Thomas.

Training and Education

I currently completing my PhD at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, where I received my MA in Advanced Theatre Pratcice (Directing).  I hold a BFA in Playwriting from Concordia University, Montreal.   I trained in dance at the School of Alberta Ballet with Murray and Nancy Kilgour.

I teach movement and lecture on performance research, queer politics and contemporary theatre practices at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.