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Cruising, Clubbing, Fucking - Photo by Hugo Glendinning

Cruising, Clubbing, Fucking looks at the ways gay men have met and seduce each other.  Reimagining moments from New York in the 1970s, it’s an homage to a lost world of intimacies and adventures shared by a generation of gay men.

Blending bodies with beats and contemporary dance styles with gesture, the two dancers move their way through this world of late night lust, combining pursuit, seduction and moments of tenderness.

The show explores anonymous encounters, play in parks and public toilets, handkerchief flagging, and what happens after all the music has died down and all the time together has been spent.

Cruising Clubbing Fucking was commissioned by Homotopia and the Unity Theatre and funded by Arts Council England.

Additional support from the Chisenhale Dance Space and Lenita and XTG.

View a review from Luke Jennings here.

Cruising, Clubbing, Fucking - Photo by Hugo Glendinning

Created with Ziggy Jacobs (lightign design) Felix Lane (text), Sebastian Langueneur (performer), Dinah Mullen (sound design), Joe Parslow (assistant director)

Produced by: Clara Giraud

Originally created with Pablo Fernandez Baz, Natalie Clarke, Leila McMillan, Dwayne Simms and Lorna Thomas

Performance History

Homotopia at the Unity Theatre, Liverpool (Premiere)
Shout at MAC, Birmingham
The Barbican, Plymouth
Outburst, Belfast

Upcoming Performances

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Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.