In a highly personal and visuGiselle, or I'm Too Horny to be a Prince - Photo by Luc Boulianneal performance, I re-live my time in the world of tights and tutus, reflecting on failure, body image, and the limits of body limits. Pushing  physical extremes, I challenge what it means to be a Prince.   Funny, moving and embarrassing, Giselle, or I’m Too Horny to be a Prince is an intimate story told through dance, submission and exhaustion.

Supported by the Chisenhale Dance Space and the Central School of Speech and Drama.


Created with Ziggy Jacobs (lighting design) and Natalie Clarke (dramturgy)

Produced by Clara Giraud

Giselle, or I’m too Horny to be a Prince is available for programming
(Live Art/Dance)
Duration: 60min
Giselle Info Pack for Venues here

Giselle, or I'm Too Horny to be a Prince - Photo by Luc Boulianne

Upcoming Performances
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Performance History
Homotopia at the Unity Theatre, Liverpool (Premiere)
Chisenhale Dance Space
Oslo Queer festival, Norway
Outburst, Belfast
In the Flesh at the Barbican, Plymouth
Dance City, Newcastle
SACRED, Chelsea Theatre, London
Warehouse 9 (Copenhagen)