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‘Slowly but surely I want to strip her of every kind of happiness so as to make a saint of her.   The fire that is searing her has already burned away heavy bonds; new ones are shackling her: Love.  A new morality is being born, which is certainly not the usual morality, though it is a morality, all the same with ts Good and Evil.’ – Jean Genet (Our Lady of the Flowers)

In a hedonistic world decorated with cheap glamour, three outcasts search for a different kind of Sainthood through glorious self-destruction. Mixing fantasy and reality, the show recounts the trio’s wild and spirited final chapter.  Inspired by Jean Genet’s novel Our Lady of the Flowers it honours the abject, the shocking, and the profane.

Of Saints and Go-Go Boys has been commissioned by Homotopia and the Unity Theatre and is funded by  the National Lottery through Arts Council England .  It is receiving additional  supported from Shoreditch Town Hall.

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HomotopiaThe Unity Theatre, Liverpoole