A Collaboration with jamie lewis hadley

[Currently in Development]

jamie and I  met at Breaking Kayfabe, a workshop on (stunt style) pro-wrestling run by jamie through the Live Art Development Agency’s DIY8 workshop series. Our meeting at this workshop triggered a conversation, and many questions, about what would happen if we collaborated and combined our practices.

Take it Like a Man is a wrestling match be- tween jamie and Joseph and draws on all the vernacular of professional British wrestling (the ring, the costumes, the physicality). The match is continually being interrupted by mo- ments of liveness or contextualisation in the form of demonstrations, stories, replays and other devices.
The show simultaneously performs a wres- tling match, while giving the audience tools for watching and reading a wrestling match. It does this by revealing the theatrical constructions, placing the match within a historical , political and economic context (post war British wrestling), comparing it with fighting and sports such as Mixed Martial Arts (in which the competition is ‘real’) The action is set on a wrestling ring which deconstructs throughout the performance, leaving only an empty frame by the end.

Take It like a Man is situated within broader is-sues of masculinity, competition and endurance.    It celebrates wrestling as a performance technique and explores its relationship to fighting and violence. The piece embraces the joy of watching fantasy fighting, but questions what happens when that fantasy breaks, the liveness takes over, and the fighting becomes ‘real’.

The initial research and development was funded by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation and supported by ]Performance Space[ and the Barbican Theatre, Plymouth.

Take it Like a Man is available for commissioning and future programming
(Live Art/Dance)